You’re the only one who can
survive your story, the only one
who can write your future.


Deliver Kindness

Dec 19, 2018

“We’ve all got to know that the stuff coming or going in the mail isn’t everything—it’s about the connection. We buy Christmas gifts for connection, we send cards for connection, so let’s connect a little more with all the people who make that possible.” Each Christmas, we give everyone who works at our local post […]

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Aug 28, 2018

N AUGUST: ⭐ 12,731 Words added to a “secret” project ⭐ 5,933 Words added to my 4th book ⭐ 898 Emails received ⭐ 775 Pieces of jewelry shipped out ⭐ 8 Writers supported to be one step closer to their publishing goals ⭐ 1 New adventure co-creating support for female entrepreneurs who are living inspired lives Am I ending this month […]

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Don’t Ever Stop Celebrating

Jul 4, 2018

Don’t ever stop celebrating. We all die several times inside to become a better version of ourselves: the people we lose, the things that we do or don’t achieve, the way growth sheds a layer of skin like a snake and we can no longer fit into the roles we used to… Celebrate it. Don’t […]

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Shout-out to all the Introverted Extroverts

Jun 24, 2018

So, I wrote this thing on my public page. Like most things I share, they are the words I most needed to tell myself at the time–which in this case was yesterday lol Something funny happened when I shared this. After I admitted that I am an extroverted introvert–leaning much more heavily on the introverted […]

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