You’re the only one who can
survive your story, the only one
who can write your future.


Connection is the Bridge

Jan 4, 2018

From the journal this morning. Connection is the bridge that gets us over doubt. Most of the time, doubt comes from a quiet place deep inside. Connect with someone or something today, and see how connection can transform that doubt. xoxo Tessa

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Goodness Abounds 365

Dec 1, 2017

Look what’s under my tree! I’m a contributing author in Goodness Abounds, a heartfelt collection of stories from authors around the world about how kindness and love–even in the smallest moments–can change lives. This book reached Best Seller status last month! It’s a great book with 365 stories, one for each day of the year. […]

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Find yourself an adventure

Oct 4, 2017

Find yourself an adventure. Nature is the greatest healer.

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Jul 14, 2017

Someone once asked me if I was a believer. They had a large cross around their neck and I knew what they meant. For a moment—a small moment—I was offended that they only wanted to know if I believed in one thing. It made me want to say “Wait a minute, I believe in so much more…”

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