Do you have a story inside of you?
One that’s been calling to come out?

Writing a book is the act of putting a part of your soul out into the world. Vulnerability. Courage. An important message to share. But ask any published writer and they’ll tell you that the journey can be demanding, contain detours, and the occasional unnecessary doubt.

That’s where I come in.

Hi love! My name is Tessa. I’m your Book Doula, and I am here to help make the adventure towards publishing an easier one by helping you to stay focused with forward momentum and positive, loving, support.

A doula is a woman who has been through the birthing process

and who helps other mothers have a more loving, comfortable, and supportive birth for their child.

Your BOOK is a part of you and the process is much like a pregnancy

you’ll grow with ideas and launch your book out into the world hoping that it will be loved by others as much as you love it.

My job as Your Book Doula is:

To provide emotional and educational support to you during the writing process. We’ll plan goals and set dreamlines (more inspirational than deadlines), and we’ll discuss any fears and concerns along the way. I’ll be here to give advice and resources to complete your book and make the process as painless as possible.

I will help you gain a better perspective of the publishing process and whether or not traditional or self-publishing may be right for you. My job will be to make sure you are supported, confident, and moving towards a successful plan to publishing, all while making it a memorable and empowered experience.

I will share all of the tips and tricks I’ve learned along with advice I’ve received personally from best-selling authors. I’ll share how I wrote my second book’s first draft in just 6 months and how in just 6 months later it is now sitting on the desk of two of the biggest publishers in the world!

My first self-published book received eight awards.

+ I am a 2016 Writer’s Digest Competition Award Winner

+ An Indie Excellence Book Awards Finalist

+ And my work has appeared in GirlsLIFE Magazine.

+ I am also a co-author of the #1 Best Selling book Goodness Abounds from the 365 series.

+ I am a member of Romance Writers of America, International Women’s Writers Guild

+ I have attended several writing conferences across the U.S. including the Alaskan Hay House Writers Workshop, The Texas Novel Writing Intensive, the New York Writers Digest Conference, along with the New York Pitch.

+ I’m currently working on my next two books at the same time….

But the next project I’m most excited about is helping YOU to reach your dreams!

For someone who is a writer, the words within can lay dormant for years. A back and forth conversation between your intuitive heart and your rational mind dance around the inner layers of your cells. Both feeling the deep need to write and the fierce focus of will to make it a reality.
Tessa is the root support you didn’t know was there until it was felt beneath your feet. Like the roots of the tree systems, her wisdom and deep knowing are proven in her ability to understand what you need through the birthing process of your authentic creation.
She gracefully holds the space for you to give birth to your story so it is only fitting she manifested herself as book doula.

Tessa Shaffer is one powerhouse book doula. She’s up to date with everything from craft to picking out literary agents. Tessa guided me throughout my entire agent seeking process and also helped me edit my children’s book. Her line edits are awesome and she has a great eye for detail and structure. Besides the fact that Tessa is a very positive, encouraging, and dependable person, she really knows how this writing thing works and is a wonderful person to have on your team.

Bianca Ambrosio

Writer & Teacher

I know Tessa Shaffer in two distinct ways: as an author and as a writing mentor. I still remember buying Tessa’s book Heaven Has No Regrets, and reading it cover to cover in just a few days. I loved her story and her writing style. Even all these years later, I still quote certain lines from that book. And now, I have the pure joy of working with Tessa in my own writing journey.

As a writing mentor she has a unique style that blends her expertise in the field with her heartfelt support and guidance. Her personalized way of working with me has helped take my confidence and my writing to a whole new level. And whether I am struggling or celebrating, Tessa has been a constant voice of encouragement all along the way. If you are considering a writing mentor, I highly, and without reservation, recommend Tessa Shaffer.


Examples of services:

  • Help to find your writing voice and outlet that’s best for you
  • Find a writing schedule that works for YOU
  • Set big picture goals and smaller check points to get us there
  • Create dreamlines and deadlines, and schedule times to meet for accountability and support
  • Find the best path towards publishing whether it’s pitching to agents or self-publishing
  • Celebrate each and every milestone we meet! (often with me sending you special writing gifts geared towards your project!)
  • Weekly check ins, monthly check ins, or unlimited support
  • Finish a first draft
  • Polish your draft
  • Write query letters to agents
  • Write a book proposal for agents or publishers
  • Plan your book launch party
  • Work on building an author platform
  • Develop a marketing plan for your book

(Other services available: Ghostwriting for your book, query writing, or proposal writing)

Packages Available

Want to work with me?

Tell me about your story and the range of support you are looking for and I’ll get back to you ASAP with a quote for the package that will best suit YOU! We’ll do a 20 min FREE Skype session or phone call before you’ll have to commit to anything. My job is to support you, remove your self-doubt, and keep your project headed towards your goals.

The writing process is unique for each writer and each story.