You’re the only one who can
survive your story, the only one
who can write your future.


Old Champagne, but New Beginnings

May 4, 2018

I’m officially represented by TZLA Literary & Film Agency!

This bottle of champagne was placed in my fridge two years ago by my aunt Wendy, who seconds as one of my editors, to celebrate when I got my first author contract. At the time, the thing we thought was sure to happen—didn’t. This bottle has been moved around so many times in two years but was never taken out of the fridge to warm, it served as a chilled reminder of faith even when I felt anything but “chill” at the direction things were going.

There are no highs without the lows. Being positive isn’t about things always going your way, it’s about trusting when they do go wrong that something better will come along. I had five other soul-crushingly-close-but-not-quite moments with agents and big name publishers.

I stopped counting the rejections and I started saying “Thank you,” and meaning it when I heard “No,” because they weren’t the right ones to partner with for my books.

Basically, I learned how to trust in the magic of connection, and timing, and all things universe.

Now I’m excited to share that magic with the world in my next book THE UNIVERSE HAS NO REGRETS.

What’s next? BIG STUFF! I’ve created a closed FB group for #TeamNoRegrets to keep all of my friends, family, and fans in the loop on exciting stuff like getting FREE advance reader copies of THE UNIVERSE HAS NO REGRETS, helping to brainstorm my next work in progress, suggesting names for future characters, voting on book cover art, and getting in on some #TeamNoRegrets swag 

If this sounds like fun, go ahead and click the link for the group (also a link in the first comment) to join#TeamNoRegrets and I’ll look forward to getting to know you all a bit better!