Trust that even the broken
pieces will, in the end, connect to
create something beautiful.


It took me 3 days to finish this absolutely amazing heart felt story. To tell such a heart wrenching story and be so vulnerable for complete strangers is the most courageous part about this story. i could not imagine sitting down and putting my story out there for the world to read. if you have ever lost someone, loved someone, needed someone, or helped someone through life's bump then this story is absolutely for you.


Reading this story about two cousins who were the very closest of friends is as heart-warming as it is heart breaking. Even this brief accounting of their separate struggles with both betrayal and life threatening disease is enough to build a clear picture of just how much they both loved and depended on each other in all things every day. Tessa Shaffer’s ability to so easily draw the reader into some of her fondest memories and worst nightmares evokes a deep compassion for both of these girls. She effortlessly draws us in and makes us feel as if we lived through these moments with her and as she walks us through her unexpected journey in grief, she shares her heart-wrenchingly raw emotions that just grip at your heart. “Replays of conversations strike holes in my heart.” “And now, death is a bruise that will last forever.” These are just two examples of her poignant thoughts and her willingness to be unashamedly open as her heart bled. As hard as it is to read about this part of her experiences, it’s also a gift I’m so very glad that she shared. On a side note, I really liked the style with which the book was written. With it broken into small sections that flip from past to present, interspersed with messages to anyone possibly beginning this journey in grief themselves, I found it easy to read non-stop in short spurts.


I read the book in less than a week because I could not put it down. The emotions are so raw and real and it is very inspiring. The book is beautifully written and highly recommended for everyone. Thank you Tessa for sharing this gem and your wise words.


This book and author are truly amazing and I could not put this down once I started! While reading Heaven Has No Regrets I was taken through variety of emotions and was able to experience the journey between two inspirational characters. The fact that this was based on a true story made this that much better! My favorite parts included the messages to the reader strategically placed throughout the book and the transitions between the main two characters' views. I highly recommend everyone read this book ASAP as it is an amazing story, has an incredible message, and many people will relate to the story!!


For me, there is one sign that a book is good, you just can't put it down. This book was that for me. Thanks for sharing this with the world, it is a gut wrenching, emotionally uplifting story that will help others deal with loss. As extremely difficult as this must have been to write, I am so glad that you did...

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